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Watched. You were not who I was expecting." tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Anything that brain of yours could Tinker can be found. Very NSFW. "That's not what I meant.". Theres Monster, and How I Met Your Monster, which follow taylor with Night's powers and cherie vasil. No handshake then. Abstract representations of Taylor (for example, a dot on a movement radar) don't activate her Thinker power, and neither do simulations of her (for example, if Coil is looking at her in universe A, universe B Taylor is not considered observed). "I haven't, I swear. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. Might wander into crack territory from time to time. Taylor's consciousness disperses into her swarm, and actions from the Protectorate push her away from the Wards. End result: uninjured Taylor, dogs saved, four guards unconscious and tied up and Hookwolf impaled with two rebar spears, hooked up to a generator and turned into a nightlight. I can't think of any story where it's just 'Taylor in a wheelchair, living normally'. Excellent a new story to read, just in time for the holidays. And a disabled unpowered Taylor cannot really hold a fic bigger than a one-shot. Weld sank in his seat. Go Gently by Shana the Short (23 chapters, 74k words, last updated: 21st Apr, 2015) Reign by TP Knight (1 chapter, 2.1k words, one-shot) He asked. Looks pretty interesting so far. Her second power allows her to cause momentary disruptions in electronic systems: Lights flicker, cameras momentarily go to static, etc. Thanks to Contessa's jailbroken Path to Victory, Legend gets to her before she breaks down and recruits her into the Protectorate, After Contessa returns from successfully removing her power's restrictions on what it could plan around by getting it to bud off another parahuman, Eidolon realises that it means that there's a second person with access to the Path to Victory and they may need to silence her if necessary. Maybe he improvised and got that last one with something that disoriented people into passing out. She theorized. Taylor is aptly named Monster. Weld stared at the hut. 6.1 Crescendo Wake me up inside. Taylor gave a hard look to Weld, "A real one, make no mistake, but one meant as a warning. Taylor can be insane as well. Inspired by the game Breeding Season. They they're a part of me now.". Taylor's other two powers do not function in this state. He stopped at his seat and with only the briefest moment of hesitation, held out his hand. Cannot overstate how good Hunter is. Taylor nodded as she took Weld's phone inspecting it. Is it crack? Which, as anyone keeping up with the trigger mechanics explained in Glowworm and expounded upon in Ward knows, implies she was part of a multi-trigger. So: Overhaul, where she was in the car wreck alongside Annette and the PRT are dragging their heels about letting her come up with her own solution for the crippling results. taken, most of them involving pulling from other vampire media. "Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it. I wake up to find a new story by an author I like. "If you don't mind," Taylor spoke and Weld turned to look at her. Not as crazy broken as blanket but seriously op. And a title! A subreddit to discuss fanfics for Wildbow's works! They are not affected in any way other than being pushed; the smear effect is likely just Taylors subjective experience of her power, or at most an effect confined to her Breaker-state world. Splinters - Taylor has a Thinker power that lets her create more copies of her own mind. Finding The Path - Taylor has the PtV, fic doesn't take itself too seriously. And if I have to read "Then I went ghost" one more time I swear to GoD someone's getting hurt. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. So the intro said that the power was a trump so maybe some sort of field that links capes, like instruments in a band, and amplifies the effects they have? Since I was blind in my normal form and paper money all felt the same whether they were Washingtons or Benjamins, I had counted the money by going back and forth between my ghost world while hiding it. In the Worm epilogue, a cape tells a joke with the punchline "six different flavors of sausage." . If he stood in it long enough, he might even feel warm. 6.2 Crescendo Got real estate, I'm buying it all up in outerspace. Instead of controlling bugs, she's a Tinker who can make tiny drones. I never would have thought that nearly all of my problems could have been solved by suddenly going blind, but here we are. Is it different from my other fics? By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Piggot looked out the window of the helicopter, watching the landscape blur past them. Using her Shaker ability is tiring, despite the weak effect. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. It was no wonder the East North East Protectorate had been infiltrated so easily. The same wide mouth, the same thin figure even the same curly brown hair. I suppose youre the Protectorates representative? She said more than she asked. She can float at a maximum speed of about 25 miles per hour; as Taylor noted, a decent frame of reference would be Olympic-sprinting fast, but slower than most flying capes. Dec 22, 2020. "I know we all look identical to you, but each and every Taylor is unique in their own way." It was tiny from where he stood. The hours I was in there had messed with my eyes and the last few days everything had gone from murky to just a mess of grays where any sort of light was painful. Spoiler: Malkavians In Brief Omakes: Rolyat's Visit by SirWill A Father's Pride by Seclorum "I think we're a little past first impressions.". As a result (and to further illustrate the Thinker ability by way of visualization), Taylor will always be looking at herself if she can see at all, since she only gets vision when in someones field of view. He thought of sailors washing up on the shore on an island of Amazons. Truthfully, I want them afraid of me. Flames, where she uses illusionist powers to get around missing an eye. Coil gets dealt with in such a way that, ultimately, he's curled up into a fetal position, sobbing into a box of muffins on Director Piggot's floor, mind totally snapped. but it focuses heavily on the mental aspect of her powers. So were we.". Location United States Nov 17, 2018 #25 . Taylor helps make cookies, but her power makes her make them right, so when Mrs. Abbotson takes the (many) cookies and baked goods to a bake sale, she rakes in $800. Forty taser drones together are able to kill Hookwolf, blasting him en masse and repeatedly until he stops moving and then a few more times for good measure. It's a bit complicated to explain but it's pretty good Thinker fic imo. He was a way for Taylor to escape, to be someone else for a little while, a person that had none of her problems or issues. He glanced at Taylor and saw her looking down at her sundae, but her eyes were distant. End result: uninjured Taylor, Armsmaster saved, Armsmaster's motorcycle foamed (and saved), Squealer's truck rendered inoperable, Squealer trapped in a cotton candy cloud, Oni Lee with a bucket of molasses on his head. Weaver Nine - This technically doesn't count since Taylor and Jack Slash switch places so it's a story from Jack's perspective if she was born in Taylor's place but naming this anyway since it has some Thinker power stuff going on. I'm only sleeping.". the restrictions that the Entity Eden put on Contessa's Path to Victory power made her completely unable to model or plan for the Entities, the Endbringers or their plan, but. Weld was also a really fun character to use as the POV. "We all do our part, Weld. If none of its of interest to you, youd be the first. Taylor Hebert triggers with a rather strange ability, and this causes the domino effect across the events of Brockton Bay, where creatures of sexual lust and living make their home, and Taylor becomes the Breeder taking care of them. "This and no weapons to speak of." Besides himself, of course, but that was better left unsaid. Taylor looked up at Weld, her voice harder, "If I said no, then how pointless would that be? BlackHorse8986, Ventrisuriel, kevin0617, Jesienny, Yugonostalgia, Blizzardbob, Galaxy_Blaze, LostToLight, AngstApocalypse, SpookyOli, SpecGamer, Soyvolon, joker339, Dimasik841, General_Fiye, ABCelia, TheMultiverseTraveler, waves_under_stars, WDW, ava2607, waterflosser, WordForEveryStar, TheWatcher0711, taxemeEvasion, Psych0Geek, ZiaBlue, Peggysussy, Mitriss, Inclaireporeal, CopperGear, HP22h, Reko15, ruruwkzu, Amogo21, Glumski, Twei, Elbiguana, PinkPhysicist, Dragon_King_of_the_West, Bulder, sereminar, tambuli, Aselo, Epicgamer2034, legosif, halfcrazydoor, OrionVenator, CosmicPenguin, ChildGenius, Quebla, and 888 more users "All of them." Not generic the way people in magazine ads looked, but the sort of ordinary youd see on the bus. Very interesting fic so far. Weld said tightly as he followed the worker Taylor's lead. One of the best fics I've ever read and it makes me weep that it's dead, "It's okay, Mr. Ethan. Camera Shy has a blind Taylor with the ability to see through other's eyes and time-stop-explore as her version of teleportation. Confirmed, power that seems tailored to disrupting cameras so that she can use her main power actually needed. Ah I spoke too soon. It ramps up fast well into Peggy Sue territory on the crackish side --where I am most cofortable. Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend. Based it around the idea that observing a thing changes the thing. Taylor ran a hand through her hair. Very NSFW. Camera Shy, where she's blind, with a power that lets her see through others' eyes when she's in their view. Taylor vs Squealer vs Oni Lee. Not only is picking on a blind girl too petty even for the Trio, not only has having to learn to care for a blind daughter helped her dad fight through the worst of his depression at losing his wife, but she even got superpowers out of the whole ordeal! "We're on schedule to get the city back in working order in a matter of weeks. Centipede (Tokyo Ghoul alt!power, dead), maybe. Hebert: Wind of Death (Taylor gets a Book of Nagash from Arkhan the Black of Warhammer Fantasy, maybe dead?). And I have to ask, is the band coach a fan of a certain Polynesian deity, because that's an interesting collection of items in the closet. her powers get stronger the greater the number of people who fear her and the deeper fear they feel, An umbrella and a bowling ball in a sling bag, looking directly into the cameras she is being watched through. She gestured for him to walk. --it does have a different title, so yes. She stood and turned to look at the sunset, her back to him. Still blind in one eye, though, fwiw. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/PathToMunchies. Different circumstances cause Taylor to gain different powers and left her blinded in the aftermath. Any area which is directly observed appears as absolute blackness when in this state, this blackness does not block Taylor's ghost-world vision. Taylor said as a pair of her doppelgangers stepped up onto the veranda wearing overalls and suspenders. Using this ability rapidly tires her. They stared at one another for a long moment, their silence tempered by the staccato of helicopters in the distance. the Brockton Bay General security cameras giving me an aerial view of my own hunched form. I love seeing new and interesting powers and this one is really cool. BDSM Soft Dom for the most part Trauma Language: English Words: 23,335 Chapters: 2 /? He proceeds to ride Hookwolf like a bronco, humiliating him and making him completely miss the fact that the Undersiders are looting everything not nailed down. Time lapsed: 30 seconds. Intrepid, where she effectively has locked-in syndrome until Faultline arranges for a tinkered suit to compensate. Queen of Owls on QQ. I haven't read Hindsight Bias, but Taylor has the ability to frequently precog a few seconds into the future. axe throwing layton Work Search: Par for this fic. Taylor had spent a lot of time and effort grilling her parents about it, and had come to the conclusion that villains operated exactlyas an outlaw did. I don't know where to begin. Taylor triggers with Contessa's Path to Victory power. Taylor turned on her heel and headed for the door on her end of the hut. If she's persistently missing functionality, she'll pretty much always have some Daredevil-esque powers-related way of at least partially compensating for it. Pretending to be totally blind even when I could see my surroundings through someone else wasnt nearly as hard as you might think. Afraid enough that they won't just attack when they think they can get away with it. They would have to be. XXX Taylor sighed as she locked up the store. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Thoughts as Light as a Feather - Simurgh!Taylor. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Life just didn't ever seem to turn out how she'd imagined it would. "Right." That's why I don't want this to end in fire. Honestly, I'm surprised there aren't more explicitly labeled disabled protagonists in worm fanfic because all the stress and bullshit ableism disabled people go through is prime conditions for trigger events. Taylor hesitantly asks. It would have been so much easier to do that. In all likelihood, her job was next. We will escort you to the bridge. One of the construction worker Taylor's repeated, she had a black smudge across her cheek. Weld sat. I. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Specifically one where she is the barber. As it was, Weld was walking in blind. ", Taylor frowned at him before turning back to the sunset. She's literally almost out the door before she wakes up and realizes what's going on. and Samara from the Ring got together in Silent Hill and decided to mix and match powers to grant Taylor. Even though the bullying didn't escalate to the locker incident, Taylor Hebert still triggered with powers. Each time I went through him, the smear effect became more pronounced and I grew more tired. Thirty feet away and six and a half straight down, cicada larvae slowly crawled underground, most of their 17 year span lived completely out of human view. Definitely a strong mover power, but a thinker primary. The four year old glanced up, a bright smile on her face as she ran back to where her parents lay . Get insights SPL Payroll Outsourcing Pvt. Taylor came around the table until she stood to the side of Weld. Thankfully for her, she's gotten quite adept at hiding the bodies. Due to Contessa essentially using Taylor's Trigger as a way to jailbreak her own Shard, the two start getting overlap and minor nudges from each other. Path to Munchies is a Worm fan fiction by Merle Corey, completed in April 2017. There was nothing for Weld to focus on. Awww, thank you. Anyways, thinking on how a society of totally like-minded individuals would work was pretty fun, though I didn't go into as much detail about it as I could have. It was hard to make that connection seeing a dozen of the girls working to repair a building. I'm having trouble figuring out how this would mesh with the overall threat of Worm, so maybe this will be a short story in the universe? ", Weld folded his arms very deliberately - he didn't want to scrape them against each other, but as a result it was exaggerated like a stage version of the movement. Still, her advice had been sound and Weld used the ambient white noise to clear his thoughts. Taylor can see through her own eyes in her Breaker state, as her Thinker power causes her blindness and is disabled in Breaker form. Her first ability allows her to see through the eyes of any sapient being who has any part of her in their field of vision. Still blind in one eye, though, fwiw. What if Taylor got a different shard, one accidentally broken when Eden collided with Abbadon and received the Path shard? Taylor spoke overly formal, but there was a tension there. Nonetheless I'm the one who Protectorate chose as their representative.". Not the most impressive powers, granted, but powers none the less. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. . No shadows; the sinks and toilet paper rolls almost looked two-dimensional due to that lack. "We're working to rebuild some of the more important buildings damaged during the initial fighting." Going to sleep now. 5.7 Rondo You're a real tough cookie With a long history Of ruining the hope like whats in me 1.1 Adagio: A slow passage to introduce the setting. About | Wiki Rules | Reply !Delete to remove | [Brackets] hide titles. But the stakes were too high to do anything else. Taylor and Contessa's last conversation in the fic has Taylor asking Contessa if all her actions were worth it. "This and no weapons to speak of." Taylors primary, strongest power is a Breaker state that she can only enter when not observed. Scion and Eden were not mates, as much as they were a drug dealer and her bodyguard/best client - so she gets Blasto to make some weed and hands it to Scion. When determining whether Taylor is or will be 'observed' for the purposes of allowing/disallowing her to transform to and from her Breaker state, Taylor's Breaker power is much more lenient regarding what 'counts' as 'looking at Taylor', compared to her Thinker power. Special Edition - Taylor is a powerful precog. Was interesting cause it went with the concept and I wanna give it a reread but can't remember what the rest of the fic was about. Taylor and the Unseelie Court (Taylor isn't herself the spooky monster, but deals with old-school type Fae, dead). There it was. This is an informational threadmark discussing the overall premise of the fic, especially Taylors power. Call my name and save me from the dark (wake me up), 6.0 Crescendo Say, say, say what you want. The only thing separating Brockton Bay from the rest of the world. Not primarily. She waved a hand at the Taylors delicately fitting chips into small plastic cases. Privacy Policy. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. People needed time to rest, to center, to refocus. Burn just started, but has a psychic Taylor, If you count PtV, there's always Path to Munchies. ", "Why do you suddenly want to work with the Protectorate? She was probably feeling the pressure from the higher-ups. Please consider turning it on! "My apologies, Taylor. "This was the most beneficial option. Or what was left of it. Twenty feet away lay an anthill. "Makes it seem like you come here expecting a fight. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Camera Shys Taylor is a grab-bag cape whose primary ability is a strange Breaker state. If he was any other man, he might have been excited. When Taylors incorporeal form passes through time-locked objects, they appear to smear, like someone smudged a painting. If Blackwell inexplicably picked up the stress-ball on her desk and lightly tossed it at my face, I probably wouldnt even reflexively blink until it hit me (much less dodge or catch the thing), that was how disassociating the outside perspective of myself was. Taylor was in much the same way; her mom had died in a car accident because she had been texting and driving about a year before I met her. She outspeeded Taylor's clap alchemy (in the tar pit) and then created several, seemingly quite complicated creatures, in the matter of seconds, some of them literally on the fly. She held a palm out. Remaining in the ghost world rapidly causes Taylor to feel fatigued, becoming exhausted after only a few minutes. Alea Iacta Est - Dinah and Taylor shard swap. And like the Amazons, they were deadly. Her fists clenched, "I have to. The power has too many nitpicks and conditions. Hopefully, but not necessarily. They'd perform crime upon crime upon crime, and then brag about how dangerous they were, even as they ran away from any law-enforcement that might stand a chance at bringing them in. "Penny for your thoughts? "We will lead you out.". "And they're" Weld coughed, "You're all fine with this? Taylor the Shopkeeper Summary: In a world without Endbringers, Taylor just wanted to run her store in peace. Contessa unlocked her Path To Victory Shard. Last chance for Weld to back out. Still the folder seemed remarkably thin for what the media was calling "the next Nilbog. Eventually, it's revealed that her nickname is "Tessa," which is short for. Anyway, no idea where you're going to take this, so I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/worm-nine-lives-of-the-calico-new-litter-lucky-seven-complete.41492/. Personally I find the recent shipgirl invasion into the Worm fanfiction extremely pleasurable. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/LordDoom. But I have to agree that is was great. Taylor reassured him, "I want to contribute. She doesn't officially join the group, but she works with them extensively and exclusively. Split - Taylor has a power that allows her to steal other powers but also gets all their memories and she gets very confused about who she is. Time lapsed: 120 seconds. Oh Good Hunter looks like it might be headed that way. So Taylor with AOE music powers that include rapid full regeneration type healing. As I hit refresh I get a second chapter. I'll pass your proposal to the Protectorate. "Some files had to be omitted." Weld noticed one of the Taylors at the assembly line slowing down, the miniscule pause noticeable from how much it deviated and the effect rippled down the line. Taylor vs Hookwolf. "I'm not what most people expect." If she is not being observed by anyone, she is blind. I've had the same thought, but I think it comes down to a simple thing: Unless you have a serious disability, you don't tend to really think about it, do you? Ooo, definitely a fun start. Clearly, the Queen Administrator is too powerful. Harvey gives her an odd look, but answers her, "Well we're in Stardew Valley, which is at the south-east end of the Ferngill Republic." "Ah got it, thanks." Harvey fixed her with a serious look and then warned, "I don't need to know about what you were doing until now, but Pelican Town is away from all the fighting . However, due to being somewhat high on painkillers when she figures it out, she believes she has a strange limit all plans she makes must in some way involve food. https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/taylor-and-the-unseelie-court-worm-au.498094/, https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/unreality-worm.625972/. When are you gonna update the rewrite version of that. Her friends, her charges, her very city. Cutting Ties - Taylor uses Jack Slash's Thinker power to make friends. She can process numerous separate perspectives on herself without issue. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. She cannot reenter the normal world in any location which is being directly observed by a sapient being, though she can move. Taylor gets manipulated by Mrs. Abbotson, an old friend of Annette's, in the wake of her first Path- that to getting cookies. Looking for Taylor meets Hookwolf at the gym. However, her sight is by no means normal. My story Chimera has Taylor with Grand Admiral Thrawn's memories which makes her a thinker. She leaned forward, her hand to her chest again, "But he's here. In 1-2 more chapters the S9 arc will push over 100,000 words and almost 1/4 of the story. The April Fools update ends with Amy, Tattletale and Contessa sharing a bottle of alcohol over how, set off the plan to destroy Ellisburg and Nilbog, now that she and Taylor had both Triggered with the result of jailbreaking Path to Victory, Contessa's role at Winslow is done. And considering how clannish the misfits of the Band have to be just to survive it will be interesting to see where this goes. She looked over her shoulder, clearly annoyed. It's interesting to see an alt Taylor who doesn't have major league powers. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Can I get a link? Mauling Snarks technically has her with a Trump power, but I feel like she uses it to function more as a Thinker 75% of the time. Grind Chapter 1: 1-1, a X-overs + Worm Crossover fanfic | FanFiction Grind 1.1 I walked into the Library. Hopefully, with the Protectorate.". Intrepid, where she effectively has locked-in syndrome until Faultline arranges for a tinkered suit to compensate. and Samara from the Ring got together in Silent Hill and decided to mix and match powers to grant Taylor. He looked up and he saw Taylor watching him, her brow knitted together. Like a winding river, it may flow past familiar shores or cut its own path through solid rock. In his most even voice, Weld spoke. The door to Brockton Bay. Please consider turning it on! Lots of tiny drones. For y'all trying to think of fics, remember disability isn't just amputees, paralysis, or being HoH/blind. That's amazing! We have a number of canon characters who are disabled, and I wish we could see that reflected more in fics. Taylor confirmed. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Eventually, Taylor stood, running a hand through her hair as if to clear it from her eyes though it had never been in the way. So far, Taylor's augments seem to work best if she's been applying her percussive skills beforehand, they need to test the limits of that. He had overstepped his bounds. Taylor (presumably) haunts them, someone dies I think. #1. And just like her, I'll work the assembly line when I'm needed to.". Contessa is working behind the scenes recruiting the woman who would've been Bakuda to the Protectorate as Starburst, and using her gadgets to eliminate the Slaughterhouse Nine and Nilbog, all of which is made possible by the jailbreaking of Path to Victory, Taylor and Victoria bonding during their Boston roadtrip, Just before Taylor is attacked, she is seen checking her phone and starts running in Taylor's direction. "The tour is over. 4. Taylor's power is like the Cenobites, Amara from F.E.A.R. Weld looked up at the sky, tinged red and orange, marked by the distant plumes of planes. I can see Taylor in some sort of spy or support role if she makes the right team. Since Taylor and Contessa triggered simultaneously and nearby, Taylor's bud tried to ping off Contessa and Contessa's shard tried to ping off Taylor, causing the Shard to think it was somehow pinging itself and go into a feedback loop until it disabled the restrictions in order to figure out what had happened and fix it. Dad was standing over me. Info@splgroup.co.in Info@splgroup.co.in I know I can. ), Chapter 2.10's Among Us meme was just a joke, stop reading so much into it lol, Alert: Stop talking about whether you feel the new HP should be bought or not, Clarification made in a comment after 1.5, Thinker power activation conditions discussion, decent-sized spoiler revealed later (probably 1.8 or such), Implied in 1.1, but still a decent-sized spoiler for later, Not a spoiler, a visualization aid for the Miss Militia scene. While in her Breaker state, time is stopped for everything but herself. She said with only a hint of a sigh. I want things like Alma Wade!Taylor or Grudge or The Ring!Taylor or Dominion!Taylor. Might edit some others in later, or links. After the locker she ends up sharing a recovery room with one Colin Wallis, injured in his CID, and is one of my favourite Armsmasters. 741 guests Taylor scowled. Once the Protectorate learned of this they'd be more afraid than ever. TruckerMan. left kudos on this work! He said, "Then I guess we're done here. Without a word said, the other Taylors relaxed a hair and slowed their pace, giving their coworker time to catch up. "We're working to get more of the process automated, so we can free up more of ourself for more contracts, but as it is, demand is high.". Different circumstances cause Taylor to gain different powers and left her blinded in the aftermath. Chapter 4, "Remember," Piggot said, "Don't call her Narcissa.". 1.3 Adagio Three Capes a Caping, Two Good Friends, One Majorette and a New Face is Meeting Our T. You must log in or register to reply here. There had been something more in the locker than just bugs and the horrific collection Sophia, Emma and Madison put together. Also, is she limited to just one boost at a time, or can she train to split her focus across more than one?